Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

About The London Press / Gigalillion

Publishing books since 2003

The London Press is now in its 14th year of working with authors to publish quality books. During this time we have accumulated a huge experience of editing, typesetting, cover design and all manner of 'insider' tips and tricks to enable a book to get the most out of the book-trade.

Markets which The London Press Supply

We make your book available to vast markets of potential readers. At the present time your book will be retailed (and made available) in the UK, the US, significant parts of the EU area, Australia, Canada, Poland, Russia, Brazil and South Korea.

About the Name

Gigalillion is the second publishing imprint of The London Press Ltd and is a name symbolising the spirit of our age - the zeitgeist, so to speak - an age of numbers, figures, and possibilities of incredible and exceptional magnitude. A Gigalillion is the number 1 followed by 3000000003 zero's - it's a very big number indeed, and yet the word Gigalillion sounds natural and almost familiar, as if destined to become a word of common everyday usage. Quite simply, it fits the time and the moment, but most of all, it fits perfectly on the spine of a quality book. At the same time, if you prefer a more classic sounding publisher name, then you can opt to have your book published under The London Press imprint.

An Efficient, Automated System was also the launching pad for Gigalillion/The London Press's Masterpiece Book Creation System™. After many years of perfecting a process of working with authors, editors, proof readers and cover designers that reliably and consistently produced publications of an extremely high quality, the natural progression was an investment in automating the workflow process, so as to make turn around quicker for authors - and in general, the whole book creation system more robust.

The Importance of Communication

Though the reasons might not be immediately apparent, publishing a quality book is a function of the relationships between all the parties involved in its creation (i.e. the author, ourselves as the publisher, the cover designer, oftentimes, editors, proof readers and indexers. Because a very substantial amount of effort needs to be put in to a publication, if it is to be one of real quality (and thus able to compete effectively in the market), it is extremely important that clear lines of communication are established between all the parties, and that each is clear what their own responsibilities are regarding the work. Each party needs clear information and a clear brief - as well as synchronization with all others, so that each initiates their specific role at the correct time in the overall book creation process. Managing the relationships via clear lines of communication, as well as creating clear briefs for each professional is the essence of The London Press's new Masterpiece Book Creation System™. We consider it the first of its kind, in terms of this particular perfected workflow method - and as you will experience firsthand - it works like a dream!

Putting the Author in Control

Reliable and trustworthy sales figures are essential for authors - in tandem with secure and regular monthly royalty payouts. Service like this puts an author in the driving seat in terms of achieving success. The London Press's new system takes care of all this in an efficient manner for authors - and each Gigalillion/London Press author has their own individual control panel from which they can view and action, all relevant aspects their published work.

We look forward to welcoming you to The London Press as an author and working with you to achieve success with your book.