Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

Core Publishing Information

How much does it cost to register a Gigalillion Author account?

There is no cost. It is free. Plus, after you have registered a free account, you will have access to a whole variety of useful resources and insider publishing advice that you are unlikely to be able to find anywhere else - all at no charge.

Will my book appear on Amazon?

Yes it will – and tens (maybe hundreds) of other book retail sites.

How much does it cost to publish my book?

For your first book, we offer a range of publishing packages starting with our Journey package at £445. The Journey package offers a simple and low cost way to get going. Available at a higher price, the Freedom package, is our top of the range package, and offers authors 100% of publisher net calculated royalties and 0% premium on drop shipments*. For a second book (which refers to a hard/softback variant of an existing title, or, a completely new title), we offer a straight percentage discount off setup prices and yearly fees. You can find all the information you need about all our packages on the page:

*subject to terms and conditions

What is the print quality of your books like?

They are excellent. The print quality could probably also be described as standard industry quality. Our case laminate hardbacks are particularly impressive. (Case laminate refers to a shiny gloss laminated hardback with a photographic image printed on the front, spine and back. No dust cover).

How do I get started with publishing my book?

Create a free Author account here on Gigalillion and set up a new title within it. You tell us about your work as well as submit a sample chapter of it to us to start the ball rolling (or preferably the whole work). Using the system, you begin the process of considering which trim size you would like your work to appear in and what you would like to see on the cover. The more you tell us, the more we can assist you to quickly publish your book at a professional standard. When we have enough information from you we will organise and setup a phone consultation between us to discuss everything related to publishing your book. If you get all your information to us in the next few hours, along with the manuscript and/or samples, there’s every likelihood of us being able to arrange your consultation over the next day or two. We are happy to speak with you after hours/early evening.

Some of the videos linked in this resource section will probably be very interesting and relevant for you.

What do I need to create an Author account at Gigalillion?

You just have to supply basic details about yourself such as name, email and phone number (if you wish for us to contact you via telephone). That’s all. As soon as you’ve registered your account, you’ll be able to take a good look round – a process in itself which will start you thinking in the right terms about what is needed to get your work ready for publication.

How long does it take to publish a book?

If you already have final cover and interior text files that have been created to general publishing specifications, there is a good chance we could have your book published within a 3 week to 1 month timeframe – allowing limited leeway for shipment of a technical proof. If other services are required, then completing a cover design usually takes around two weeks, and editing, proofing and/or typesetting services, a little longer. If you would like us to provide you with a tailored estimate of timescales as well as what your work requires - so that a professional publication is assured, then please create an account, setup your title and provide us with all the information requested and we can then organise a telephone consultation between us about the best way forward for you and your work.

Will I be entering into any commitment regarding the publishing of my book by creating a free Author account on Gigalillion?

No, not all.

What areas and subjects will you cover in my book publishing consultation?

What would you like to cover? It’s a time you can ask any questions you like. In the beginning it can all seem a little complicated, but we can break everything down for you into meaningful chunks. Maybe you want to go over the spreadsheets and the economics of your book, maybe what makes a great cover design… You are welcome to request discussion of any book related subject. At the time of your consultation we will have a good idea of your books content as well as the present formatting and layout of your files. Therefore we will be able to advise you of our view on your best way forward. There is no commitment on your behalf that stems from the consultation.

Should I have my book edited and proofread?

Not necessarily. It really depends on the effort you’re willing to put into working the text yourself as well as the overall quality and accuracy of your English – and – the standard of English and presentation you are personally happy and/or satisfied with. However, if you are aiming at a competitive market, then a light edit or final proof is always a good investment. A light edit and/or final proofread can be surprisingly affordable. Feeling a sense of confidence about the completeness and ‘polishing’ of your work is a great point to start from – marketing wise. But ultimately, it is up to you.

It’s actually surprising how much more visible typos, etc, are, in a printed book, as opposed to on screen or on a home printed page. That’s why it is best to ensure your manuscript is as perfect as it can be, before printing your technical proof. After the printing of your technical proof, file resubmission and printing fees will apply*, as well as cover design and updating fees if the work alters by more than about 8–12 pages/4-6 leaves (because the spine width will need to be adjusted to reflect the correct number of pages). These kinds of costs can soon add up to what the cost of a final proof read would have been. Though of course, a final proof doesn’t guarantee that everything will be perfect – just improved slightly. But it is your choice completely. Just having a friend or colleague read your work can be enough – especially if they are willing to underline any words or sentences that stand out in need of improvement.

As a simple guide, we’d suggest, if you have the budget, then really consider having your book edited/proofread as it will more than likely save time and expense overall. We can supply you a quotation for any work you would like carried out on your manuscript. If you don’t have the budget - then fine. Let’s take a look at your manuscript and see what can be done regardless. If you have put the work in already and feel that you manuscript is already finished off, then, if we are happy with how things are, we can move straight on to preparing the cover design for your book.

*subject to terms and conditions

What about a reading service, is that something you offer?

Yes, we can organise a reading service for you. It’s a great place to start when beginning the publishing process. The book trade is, in general, a ‘slow trade’, and there is no need to rush things at all. With our reading service, you will be able to receive useful and valuable feedback about your work, and therefore be able to make the most of the time before publication to enhance both the style and overall message of your work.

Will I get a good share of the royalties?

Yes you will, regardless of the publishing package you choose. Please see the page: details of all the different packages you can choose from. Our top package offers an amazing 100% of calculated royalties*.

*subject to terms and conditions

How much can I earn from publishing my book?

Being realistic and down to earth, it could be that you may not earn or recoup anything back from your work - except gratitude from readers, and/or the sense of accomplishment of having put something of value out into the world.

On the other hand, Authors of niche market non-fiction books can often earn substantial amounts in royalties. This is because niche market non-fiction is by far the easiest and simplest to market.

Will you be able to help me if I can’t follow what to do?

Absolutely. If there’s any aspect of the Gigalillion system you need help with we suggest you first check out the help FAQ’s, then the videos, next, the online live assistance system, and then a message from the site or an email. If need be we will organise to link up via phone so as to provide you with any further assistance needed.

Can you print books without publishing them?

Yes we can. If you require a print quotation, please send us an email with details of precise print specifications.

If your files aren’t yet ready for printing then you would probably do best registering an account and setting up your title in your control panel. Write to us to let us know that you want to print your book without publishing, and we may be able to offer you a slight discount off the prices of our standard publishing packages.

What about large print runs after I have published my book?

After your book is published you are able to order drop shipments of books for yourself at our book print price formula rate*. This provides excellent pricing for your drop shipments - though the price per book does remain the same regardless of whether you order one book or twenty. However, if you require a larger run, say of 250 books, we will most likely be able to offer you a lower print price per book. We would provide you with a quotation prior to you ordering. Handling/admin and shipping apply to all drop ship orders*.

*subject to terms and conditions

If I order a larger number of books will they be cheaper per copy?

There are two ways to obtain lower prices both of which enable you to obtain a lower price per copy of your book. Firstly, for each Gigalillion package you will see that there are two percentages given for drop shipments*. These percentages need to be used in conjunction with the drop shipment break point – also specified for each package. Without considering shipping and handling/admin fees – if you order the order breakpoint figure and/or above, then the lower dropship percentage (of the two) will apply and if you order below the breakpoint order figure, then the higher dropship percentage will apply.

Though with these particular orders, the unit print price of the book in the pricing formula remains constant, because a lower dropship fee is applied on larger orders, it means that the average price of books decreases if you order the breakpoint figure or higher.

The second way to obtain a lower price per book on dropship orders is to order a quantity of 250 books or more. For such an order we will provide you with a custom quotation that will reflect a lower print price per book than the standard formula price. Further discounts are obtainable for even larger print run orders.

*subject to terms and conditions

Do you own my content or distribution rights outright if I publish with Gigalillion?

No, we do not. You retain full rights to your work and its distribution. The distribution rights you pass to ourselves for your work are temporary non-exclusive distribution rights. However, you should note that we do retain certain pdf file creation rights as well as cover image rights (if we provide a book cover for you as part of any publishing package). The pdf file rights are most unlikely ever to be an issue for you, as down the road, if you have any reason to, you can generate your own interior text pdf file. With respect to the cover image rights mentioned, if another publisher later took on your work, when re-publishing takes place, it is usual to re-publish with a new cover for the book (along with a new ISBN). However, if need be, we are happy to negotiate the outright purchase of the cover design image by yourself for a reasonable fee. More details about these matters are contained in the Author-Publisher contract.

Why should I publish with Gigalillion or The London Press?

We’ve got great publisher packages (some even offering 100% of royalties), we know how to put together a great book, we have an automated royalty payment system utilising the PayPal® payment processor, we have the industry leading Masterpiece Book System™ to coordinate your book being published plus a host of other additional pluses including being a secure stable company that is going to be around for decades to come.

What is the difference between your two imprint names?

The London Press was our first and original imprint name. Over the last seven years we have built up a solid list of quality titles published under this imprint. If you want to publish under an imprint that has a classical, traditional feel and reputation then The London Press imprint is the one to go for.

Gigalillion is our second and more ‘progressive media’ imprint. If you want to capture the spirit of the moment, then Gigalillion is the way to go. Expressing subject matter of particular relevance to the present, along with a modern contemporary style is the hallmark of a Gigalillion imprint published book.

In summary, if your writing’s young and dynamic, fresh and bold – maybe even risqué, then Gigalillion – if it’s classic with a sense of gravitas, then The London Press is your best choice.

How do you decide which books to publish?

We like to start with the information you provide in the Title Overview form. This enables us to get a sense of what your work is about in terms of its overall subject matter, it’s target audience, and well as several other relevant factors. We then correlate the information you provide to us in the Title Overview form with your manuscript (or samples of) to ascertain where you are at, in terms of work that will read well and look good when published as a book.

Finally, we look at the information you have provided in the Title Details form, to ascertain how your book will work economically. We also provide various calculators to help you visualise this information. Though for most authors, profits are secondary to getting their message or story out – it is essential that you are able to appreciate all the financials of your book, as they are particularly important in terms of selecting the most appropriate trim size, RRP, trade discount offered for your book – and for understanding the resulting royalties that will be returned for various configurations.

Many manuscripts we receive are almost, but not quite, ready to print. Often times manuscripts need formatting in an appropriate trim size and/or need front matter adding in. With some manuscripts, to bring out their best, we recommend to Authors that they make another pass through the document so as to correct typos that may be detracting from the overall message and quality of the subject matter and/or story. If requested, we will supply a quotation to the Author for having any work needed/recommended, carried out by a skilled third party.

Generally speaking, after our initial feedback, we leave the degree of manuscript polishing up to Authors. However, our aim is to work in partnership with you to publish the highest quality book that is achievable within your patience level threshold - and budget.

Though as Authors we all want to get into print as soon as possible (and yesterday isn’t soon enough!), in the longer term, it is so much more energy, time and cost effective, to really ‘work the text’ in a manuscript before the printing of the first technical proof.

Are you able to give me any feedback on my manuscript if I set up my book in my control panel?

Yes, we are usually able to feedback something that will be useful for you. As part of our core operating principles, we aim to orientate authors in the direction most appropriate for their work and aims.

With the information you provide to us in your Title Overview form, in conjunction with some samples of your work (though preferably your complete manuscript) we can generally provide some basic and creative feedback. Though of course our feedback is based on personal opinion, from our experience of taking sight of many manuscripts, we aim to make any communications useful in terms of your achieving the goals you are aiming at. Remember though, it is just our opinion – not a definitive view.

By necessity, our feedback is based on only a brief scanning of your work. However, if you require more detailed feedback, we can organise a reading service for you whereby the whole of your work will be read and the experiences of the reader fed back to you. Please contact us for details.

Do you do second books at a discounted rate?

Yes we do. Please contact us for details. Whether it’s a variant of an existing title (such as a hardback version of an exiting softback publication) or a brand new title, both the initial setup fees, as well as yearly fees, are lower.

Can you take responsibility for the content of my files being perfect and ensuring that there are no typos or mistakes contained in them?

Even best sellers often have typos in them, It takes many editing/proofing passes through a book to ensure that there are no typos. Therefore, guaranteeing a book is typo free is almost an impossibility. If an Author is prepared to pay for two or three passes of editing/proofing, then it is likely their work will be of a very high standard of English. That is all that can be offered, though bear in mind that the correct order is to have a book edited, and then proofed. In an ideal world, they are separate jobs, though sometimes editors are skilled enough for work not to need proofing after editing.

A proofreader has an advantage in terms of spotting typos and mistakes, in that they are not so involved in the work as an editor. In essence, a proofreader should be reading through a document that is already a very high standard in all aspects – whereas an editor is reading the manuscript form the point of view that they will likely have to alter and restructure a considerable number of sentences in the manuscript - and maybe more.

Whatever service is undertaken by ourselves and/or however much work you put into your own documents, as Author, you are the one who must check all files finally through and decide/confirm if they are ready for the printing of your technical proof. Because additional fees will apply to any reprinting of a technical proof, you are the person who must sign off all files.

What about obtaining examples of photograph/colour reproduction quality?

Please contact us about this, as we will be able to refer you to books of ours that contain examples of what we are able to print – quality and spec wise.

What do the different paper weights you specify refer to?

The higher the paper weight number, the ‘heavier’ each page is – literally speaking. In most cases, this equates to how thick the paper feels – though not always. For instance, sometimes, a lighter weighted paper can be more ‘puffed up’, fibre wise, in its construction – and can therefore have a thicker feel, even though it is actually a lighter weight. However, the most important fact you should take away with you about paper weights is that all the books we print have paper weights that are both pretty standard for mass-market books, as well as being entirely sufficient for quality publishing.

For colour printing, we can offer heavier weight paper. There are a few different choices, and you should contact us directly for details.

Can you print colour books – and what are they like?

Yes we can, and they are really nice quality with amazing colour. Please contact us to find out more about all the different offerings we offer colour printing/publishing wise.

What about a cover design – will I be able to design and supply my own?

We pride ourselves on the quality of cover designs that we provide for your book. Please see all our various packages to find out which ones include the provision of a cover design.

If you want to provide a cover yourself, than as long as it meets our cover file specs, and it is appropriate (in our opinion) for printing and publication – then yes you can provide your own. However, please be aware that there is more to creating a cover design than you might presently realise and/or be aware of.

When can I take a look at my contract?

You will be able to view you contract after you have completed relevant book information forms, and, Gigalillion have accepted your title to be published. As you proceed setting up your book within your Author control panel, details will be provided to you about exactly which forms are required to be completed, so as you can view your contract.

In the meantime, if you wish to view a sample contract, you will find one referenced in the help area. However, please be aware that the sample contract is likely to have different values entered into it, than may be the case after you have selected a particular publishing package for yourself. For this reason, the sample contract should be read in conjunction with the information on the publishing packages page at:

Should I publish as an ebook as well?

It’s probably a good idea and a way of future proofing your work. It’s still not really clear how popular ebooks will become for most genres, however publishing an ebook version will mean that if they do become popular in the future then your book will be readily available. And of course you may well pick up some ebook orders at the present time. We consider pdf is still the best ebook format as they are readable on many ebook readers and as such, this is the format we produce ebooks in as standard. Our ebooks have full security and customisable end user permissions. Though it is not part of any of our standard packages, we can also publish your book on Amazon for the Kindle reader.

Some of our packages include setting up an ebook version of your work as standard. For other packages it is an add-on that can be purchased later.

Ebook trade discounts and royalty share is fixed across all packages, as these are tending to follow an industry standard. However are rates are still generous to Authors.

What do I need to do to publish as an ebook?

The only real difference that needs to happen is that the cover image is included as part of the text file. We suggest that this is done in two parts, i.e. the first page of the ebook contains an image of the front cover, and the second page, an image of the back cover.

We provide you with full instructions on how to assemble your document in this manner.

Though with ebooks, there is no reason to be tied to any particular trim size, we recommend that you use the same trim size you have used for the print edition of your work. This way, all the formatting and layout out required is already in place, and also, many of the standard book trim sizes work well on screen as well.

What about the different ebook formats?

There are quite a few ebook formats being widely utilised, and though we can publish ebooks in quite a few of them, we recommend the PDF format as overall it is by far the most versatile. The only reason for going with an alternative format is if you wish us to publish your ebook for Amazon’s Kindle reader. This is an optional service that you need to contact us about.

Can you publish as an ebook on Amazon so it can be read with the Kindle reader?

Yes, we can, though it is not a standard part of any of our packages and you need to contact us about it.