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Book Cover Design

Should I list my RRP on the cover?

It can certainly assist with ‘purchaser feel good factor’ if your book is stocked in bookshops. As a book buyer yourself, you probably know how reassuring it is to turn a book over and see a definitive RRP printed by the bar code. Even better, a price sticker in the shop is for a price less than that printed on the book. A bargain, better buy it quick!

However, when selling books over the internet, having a price printed on the cover is not quite so important. As well, printing the price on the book can reduce the flexibility of being able to easily and simple make an RRP adjustment if the need suddenly arises at a later time.

Will I be able to design the cover myself?

Yes you can, but we wouldn’t necessarily advise it. Far better is that you design a mock-up that a designer can work from – with a view to the designer enhancing and improving your basic ideas. As you will see after you have registered a free account on our system, our cover design form gets you thinking about exactly what the best look and feel for your book is – and how that should be represented and communicated by the design.

We like our cover designers to begin with your ideas for the cover. However, sometimes – a good designer has an idea that encapsulates everything you want to say/communicate – and more. That’s really what you are hoping is going to happen, because when it does – the communication of your message – is usually taken to the next level.

However, going back to the question. If you are able to submit a file of the correct printing specs (available on request), and we find it an appropriate cover image to print, then you can fully design your own cover.

Related to this question, you should note that some of our publishing packages include the provision of a cover for your book, whereas other packages do not.

How do I check my cover is ready for printing?

Firstly, check every single letter and every single word for spelling and linguistic coherence, as well as all the punctuation marks and text layout.

Because book covers can be so impressing to the eye, it is quite easy to just ‘see it at a distance’ and miss typos and other things that aren’t quite perfect.

It’s good to double check that the spine width as listed on the cover image is what is expected for your books page count. Please contact us for details of this formula and/or confirmation of what the spine width should be.