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Marketing and Publicity

How do I market my book?

The best place to start with marketing is reviews. Aim at sending readers to your Amazon page and ask them to submit a genuine review for you. Sometimes, it is worth making a deal with readers, such as, ‘if I send you a complementary copy of my book, will you guarantee to do a review for me on Amazon’. People buy books from other reader’s recommendations, whether those recommendations are person to person, or appear via a review in a magazine, website, a radio show or some other forum.

However, there is an additional range of marketing and publicity activities that we can help you plug into. In addition, if you would like a dedicated marketing and publicity agent to represent your book, please contact us for details as we can put you in touch with a relevant professional. However, you should be aware that the going market rate for this kind of service starts at a few thousand pounds.

What other internet sites aside from Amazon will my book appear on?

In all likelihood, too many to list, though it does depend on which channel your book is published through - which in turn is related to factors such as the quality of colour pages you require. For standard black and white and all colour matt finish books, you will probably find that, after a time, your book is available for order/sale in many western countries around the world.