Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

Masterpiece Book System™ Functionality

What does marking my files ‘Ready to be printed’ in the Submit Files form mean?

Marking your files ‘Ready to be printed’ in the ‘File Submit’ form is your way of confirming you are happy to take responsibility for the files you submit to us (interior and/or text files) - in terms of how they print out. We actually have two confirmation checks in place for file quality assurance. We have the one being discussed in ‘File Submit’, and another, later, overall ‘Publication Release’ confirmation requirement, that covers all files and information/specifications about your work that you have provided to us and/or checked off as ready to print.

Even files that we are in all likelihood creating for your book, (such as the cover file), need to be finally checked off by yourself and marked as ‘Ready to be printed’ – though during the time when the cover is being created, and you are needing to use this form for your text file, you will select, under the heading: ‘My cover file is:’ the option, ‘Being designed by Gigalillion’.