Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

Publishing Your Work

Should I rush - or go slow with the publishing of my book?

It’s really exciting publishing a book, maybe one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done. Publishing is an accomplishment and usually the culmination of a great deal of hard work over many months or years. So why wouldn’t anyone be in a rush to see the final fruits of their labour! Saying that, it is possible for us to publish a book in just a few weeks. However, we need to see your files first. Please register an Author account, fill in all the forms and send us your files. Also, drop us an email letting us know that you require an expedited publishing service. We will get back to you ASAP about the timescale we can offer to you.

OK about going slow… great, sit back and enjoy the process. It’s quite something to see your book come together and improve in so many aspects as everything gets prepared for publishing.

How do I get going with publishing my book?

First, register a free account on our system – and begin setting up your title. There’s no commitment at all (in terms of publishing your work with Gigalillion), however the process of thinking engendered by our system will orientate you in the best possible direction with regard to publishing a well crafted book – whichever options you finally choose.

There are so many factors that go into a great book, from cover design to layout, from trim size, to a book’s ‘financials’. The Gigalillion system facilitates you considering and attending to all of these factors – and more – one by one – in a logical and creative order.

If everything with your book is as it should be (interior text wise) – for a quality publication, we can begin almost straight away with your cover design, and aim to have your book published in just a few weeks after you certify (on our system) that your interior and cover files are ready to print.

Can you publish my book for less than your publishing package prices?

We’d like to, but unfortunately no. Our Journey package offers you the lowest rate we can publish your book for, and still ensure all of the following: That it is of good quality, that all legal requirements are met, you have security and reliability of royalty payments, that books are priced at a competitive market rate, and that you only pay a modest premium for books you require yourself over publishers published unit print cost per book.

We have noticed other companies offering very low rates for publishing. However, we can’t reason how they can stay in business and/or offer security of royalty payment if they are not making a profit as a business. One quite common thing that happens in the business is that a book may have an RRP set that is much higher than the going market rate for the genre/type of book, and that any books Authors require for themselves are based on a percentage of this RRP rate, as opposed to our much lower pricing formula for dropship orders, which is based on publishers published unit print cost for books plus a fixed percentage*. (Please see the book cost calculator in your control panel in conjunction with the publishing packages page to understand the unit cost of books and how much they will cost you if you order drop shipments of books up for your own use.)

What we’d like to advise and assure you of, is that as a company, we believe in offering a high quality service for a fair rate, and that we price our services in a way that ensures we will be around for decades to come.

*terms and conditions apply