Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

About Your Royalty Payments

What is all this automated royalty stuff – I just want my money!

Though on one hand it’s great to be paying out royalties because it means books are selling, paying out royalties is the bane of all publishers. Not only does a publisher have to pay out money from their accounts – but in addition there are significant and complex calculations involved – all of which take a great deal of time and effort. Inevitably, as in most situations where a great deal of time and effort is required, unless a publishers royalty system is automated, it is quite likely that Author royalties will be delayed and/or paid at infrequent intervals – both of which are frustrating for Authors. In addition, for an Author, if royalties are likely to be significant, it is obviously more secure to be paid at regular and frequent intervals.

Gigalillion believes that to support Author marketing and sales, Authors need to receive book sale figures on a regular and timely basis (preferably monthly) with royalties due being paid soon after being received by the Publisher.

How can I trust you will accurately report and pay my royalties?

Firstly, we are a trustworthy company. It’s just not our style to be otherwise, and we have a record of many years of paying out royalties accurately and promptly. Secondly, it’s just not worth us doing otherwise. This business is a good one and one that we are good at – and we intend to be around for many decades to come. Having sales figures (and the reporting of royalties due) automated and available for authors in their control panels 24/7 provides Authors with additional security and peace of mind – as does the final link in the chain – payment of royalties via the Paypal® processor.

Do I have to have a PayPal® account?

You don’t have to but it really helps. And anyway, why wouldn’t you. PayPal® is a superb system and soon to be the largest and most significant payment processor in the world (even larger than Visa®). We don’t charge any admin or handling fees for royalties paid via PayPal® as our system is automated in this regard. However, we do charge admin/handling if an Author requires royalty payments to be made by other means aside form PayPal®. This is because other means of payment, as well as taking significant time to process, also entail us incurring banking charges, etc…

Opening a PayPal® account only takes a few minutes and PayPal® accounts are extremely secure. Plus, in addition, you will probably find your account useful aside from just receiving Gigalillion royalties.

After your book is published we are usually willing to accept payment for dropship book orders via PayPal® In addition all invoices after publication that we send to you for services provided (such as drop shipments of books) will be sent as PayPal® invoices. However, you do not necessarily need a PayPal® account to print out and store these invoices for your own records.

How soon after a sale will I be paid royalties?

This depends on the specific channel you book is being fulfilled through. We like to pay out royalties soon after they are received by ourselves – which is usually between 3 and 6 months after a sale - though with certain fulfilment channels it can be longer.

Though with POD it is very rare that it could ever happen, if we were to experience any credit card chargeback’s (e.g. due to fraud) regarding sales of your book that were previously considered to be a ‘firm sale’ by the system, then the relevant royalty amount would be subsequently deducted from any royalties due (including the cost of printing the book).