Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

Using This Site

Will registering an account commit me to publishing?

No, not at all, rather registering a free account will enable you to begin ‘seeing inside’ the Gigalillion system. Further, just engaging with our system at the free level, will start orientating you psychologically, in a way that is conducive to turning your work into a first class book/publication.

How to submit a title to us

Start by creating a free account and following all the instructions and directions that are given. It is very easy and simple. You will send your files to us via our secure Dropbox (linked in your control panel on the relevant title forms).

How does the publishing process proceed?

The publishing process proceeds with ascertaining the exact state and condition of your text and/or cover files. For instance, are they ready to print in terms of their standard of English, are they laid out in a way that will look aesthetic when printed, do you have a cover design of your own, or does one need to be created for your book.

Our Masterpiece Book System™ helps collate all relevant book information together in a simple, meaningful and straightforward way. Register a free account now to get going. As you proceed though the system, you’ll be amazed at what you garner about what’s needed to ensure your work is published at a professional level.

Can you show me a precise breakdown of all the ‘financials’ of my book?

Yes, this is very important, as this information also helps with the selection of trim size as well as with the setting of an appropriate RRP. We have a number of calculators and spreadsheets in the system that will help you clearly understand all relevant factors about your book, as well as allowing you to ‘model’ various options and configurations available to you.

Viewing my contract

You will be able to view your specific contract after you have completed relevant forms on the Gigalillion system, and after your book has been accepted by us for publication. Up untill that time, you can view a sample contract in the help area, though you will need to read it in conjunction with relevant package details on this page:

Which publishing package should I select?

If you’ve got the budget, go with our higher-level packages as they return a great deal on royalties and dropship percentages.

Also, to lay the best foundation for success with your work, you would do best having it edited, proofed and typeset. To book professionals in the trade, it is immediately apparent which books have had editing, proofing and typesetting work done on them. However, as long as we are happy with your work overall, whether you utilise these services is your choice entirely.

Can I upgrade to a higher package later?

Yes, but it will be for a negotiable fee, not just the difference between the two package prices. Please see the related faq regarding genuine business risk that Gigalillion engages in with the lower priced packages.

Can I downgrade my account later if I wish?

Apart from reasons to do with the yearly fee, there’s no other reason you would want to do this – but if you do want to it is possible.

Is the book submitting system easy to use and will I understand it?

Yes, it is very logical and has an excellent logical flow to it.

How long does publishing take?

If your cover and interior text files are ready to print, it will take around 3-4 weeks to get you your technical proof. Please contact us for a more accurate estimate after setting up your work via a free system account.

How do I get paid?

We have a sophisticated automated royalty payment system. The system pays royalties via PayPal®. If you have a personal PayPal® account, and you are within it’s receiving limits for the month, you should not pay any receiving fees on the royalties you receive from us. We do not charge any admin fees for making payments via this payment channel.

You can also be paid via BACS. However because of the extra admin involved – as well as banking charges, we levy an admin fee for royalty payments via this payment method.

How do I submit payment for my publishing package?

When initially publishing your book, we only accept payment via bank transfer or cheque. However, once published, for services such as drop shipments, we are usually willing to accept payments by PayPal®.