Gigalillion, An Imprint of The London Press

Why Choose Gigalillion?

What are Gigalillionís strong points?

  • The ability to put together a corker of a book at a professional level.
  • The fact that your book matters to us.
  • Our amazing Masterpiece Book System™, based around an Authorís control panel, that helps manage many of the human relationships involved the book production process - so that things flow smoother, which in turn leads to a higher standard of production.
  • A proven workflow process that consistently leads to high quality publications.
  • Gigalillionís automated sales reporting and royalty payment system. This system is probably one of the most advanced and sophisticated in the industry.
  • Gigalillionís Traditional book channel options.
  • The ability for an author to obtain 100% royalties and 0% pod shipments*.
  • That fairness, trustworthiness and good service are core business operating principles.

*subject to terms and conditions

Your system looks complicated Ė will you be able to assist me use it?

Please rest assured that we will defiantly be able to hold your hand through the whole process. Whatever it is that you need help with, we will be able to assist you with it. The system is actually quite simple, rather itís just that publishing a book is quite complicated, due to there being many small details needing to be attended to Ė if a book is to be of a high standard and professional quality.

The Gigalillion system ensures that as many of those small details as possible, are attended to in a logical and sensible order.

The Gigalillion Masterpiece Book System™ makes publishing your book far simpler than it otherwise would be.

If I publish more than one book with you will I receive a discount?

Yes you will. We have a standard formula for this (that covers setup and yearly fees), and which provides excellent value for second books and/or variants of an existing title in another formula (e.g. a hardback of an exiting title). Please contact us for details.