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Typesetting Your Text

There are documents in the reference area that detail exactly how you can transform your layout in Word so that it looks thoroughly professional. Word is not an ideal program to typeset in, though actually, a very pleasing layout can be achieved with it. The advantage of laying out your work yourself in Word, is that you can also update it by yourself, if need be at a later point in time. Likewise, the disadvantage of a full typesetting job by a third party professional, is they will be needed again in the future if updates to the work are required. Saying that, nothing quite rivals a superbly crafted professional typesetting layout, and also, knowing that the work is not so easily updated can provide an incentive for getting it as perfect as possible first time round.

If you just need some assistance getting the document into a nice shape, but still want to work on it yourself, then the document formatting service might be a good midway choice for you. After the document is formatted correctly, you will still be able to work on it yourself — and if you are careful, you will be able to retain all the formatting, as it should be. Please contact us for a specific document formatting quote if this is what you require.

Some authors' work demands a professional typesetting job from an experienced professional. If this is what your work requires then please contact us for a specific quote for your document.

As indicated above, services start with a basic document formatting service and move up to a complex stylised layout for non-fiction reference books.