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Welcome to The London Press. The London Press offers publishing under a choice of two imprint names: The London Press imprint, or the Gigalillion imprint. The Gigalillion website ('Giga' as in gigabyte & 'lillion' as in million) is the home of the Masterpiece Book Creation System™, online book sales reporting, automated royalty payouts and the ability to have your book retailed (and made available) in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Poland, other significant parts of the EU area, South Korea plus some areas of Brazil and Russia. We offer you the choice of publishing under either of our two imprint names, (Gigalillion or The London Press), and offer incredible royalty rates of up to 100%* on books sold via our POD book trade fulfillment channels, as well as a 0%* drop ship fee on books you order for yourself. Here at The London Press, we're looking forward to hearing about your book. Great books are what it's all about. What we publish matters to us. Our specialty is transforming your work into a top quality publication in every aspect according to whatever it needs: cover design, editing, proofing, typesetting, etc... We consider that print on demand self publishing rules, but if you're looking for something more conventional, and you've a non-fiction work, then you might also be interested in our Traditional Style Channel offering as it provides a fantastic opportunity for your work to enter traditional book channels, as well as to receive some marketing and publicity support. The advantages of print on demand (POD) self publishing are numerous and benefits to authors extremely significant. This is our 14th year publishing books via print on demand systems and we have authors whose royalty cheques regularly total very significant amounts, authors whose books have played a significant part in their becoming well known TV and media personalities, authors who have fulfilled a personal dream and ambition of seeing their work in print, as well as authors whose books have been purchased by other publishing houses by virtue of them appearing first as a quality London Press publication.

Transforming your existing manuscript into a first class publication that will both attract book buyers attention, as well as impress with it's overall quality of content and production is what The London Press is about. To this end, our new and dynamic Masterpiece Book System™ (available to you after registration) will facilitate us working together in a highly efficient manner, enabling us to speedily publish you work with a quality appropriate to the market area/niche you are targeting, as well as a publication you will feel extremely proud of, and pleased with.

AUTOMATED ROYALTY SYSTEM: For your convenience and security, The London Press pays out royalties monthly via our automated royalty payment system. As a London Press author, you will have your own individual author control panel, where you can view all the monthly facts and figures about your published work(s). Because of their motivational value, in addition to the quality of book publication, the other factor which really assists authors achieve good book sales, is regular marketing and publicity feedback via monthly sales numbers and royalty payouts.

We also have a few other goodies for you that we hope will add a nice touch, such as, for example, being able to select your own ISBN number from our presently assigned batch of ISBN's. Remember as well, that you can choose either of our imprint names to publish under - either Gigalillion or The London Press.

Please feel free to email or call with any questions you have about our self publishing print on demand service (POD) - or just sign up and register your book straight away! You will see there are a number of different packages to choose from, each of which offers its own particular advantage. In addition to our standard self publishing print on demand packages, if you so choose, additional services such as editing, proofing and typesetting can all be organised and plugged into the Masterpiece Book System™ via your author control panel.

The London Press is looking forward to working with you,