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POD, self publishing, print on demand, book publishingPOD, self publishing, print on demand, book publishingPOD, self publishing, print on demand, book publishingPOD, self publishing, print on demand, book publishing
*Subject to Terms and Conditions

Choose Your Own ISBN

As soon as you have registered your London Press website account, you can search our available ISBN numbers and choose one that really appeals. Subject to our website terms and conditions, The London Press will hold your chosen ISBN number for you all the way through to publishing.

Automated Royalty Payment System

For your security, convenience and peace of mind, The London Press pays royalties via an automated system on a monthly basis.* As a London Press author, you will have your own control panel where you will be able to view all sales data for your book. Your sales data also includes the geographical location of where the sale was made - in terms of it being either a UK or US sale.

Book Cover Design

The London Press is currently offering a professional complementary book cover design for all new author contracts consisting of either an Achieve, Lifestyle or Freedom package.* For effective marketing and sales it is essential that your book cover emanate a professional feeling that is in tune with the subject and content of your work. After you have setup your title in your Author control panel, you will be able use the 'Cover Design' link present there to provide us with detailed information (including examples from books already on Amazon) about the look and feel you would like your book cover to have.


Having your work edited can really help your work stand out from the crowd. 'Working the text' is like smoothing and polishing a piece of wood - the shine just gets deeper and deeper with each polish. The 'shine' can take the form of the text being more compact, clearer in meaning, more efficiently expressed, more cohesive and consistent, etc. Learn More >>


There are documents in the reference area that detail exactly how you can transform your layout in Word so that it looks thoroughly professional. Word is not an ideal program to typeset in, though actually, a very pleasing layout can be achieved with it. Learn More >>

Marketing & Publicity

We have various marketing and publicity packages available. Please contact us for details of these.

Reading Service

If you would like your work read through and to receive back constructive criticism of where your work is at and what would potentially enhance it, please contact us for more details.

Traditional Channel*

The London Press offers a traditional channel distribution option, which incorporates a modest repping service (i.e. making contact with retailers likely to be interested in your work). By traditional channel, we mean that your book is made available via sale or return, as opposed to retailers needing to purchase it outright before being able to display and sell it. Titles placed in this channel also usually appear on Amazon as in stock and available for immediate dispatch.

This channel is only suited to high quality non-fiction works with a clearly defined niche market. Further, professional editing, proofing and cover design is a must. Compared to our POD channel, this option returns only very modest royalties, and cover price does need to be significantly higher to cover additional costs and trade discounts offered. However, if these criteria can be met, our traditional channel does sometimes provide significant advantages for non-fiction Authors who are interested in potential sales and increased distribution as opposed to royalties returned. Books have to be first published via our standard POD channel (utilising at least the Achieve package), before they can be considered for this channel. The final decision as to whether a book is eligible for this channel is with the reppers not with The London Press. No guarantees about acceptance into this channel can be offered ahead of time (as only completed books are referred to the reppers for consideration). Please contact us for more details, though please first create an Author account on the system and complete appropriate information forms about your work.

Publishing Genres

The London Press welcomes manuscripts from most genres of writing including non-fiction (all subject areas), history, drama, autobiography/memoir, biography, diaries and journals, interview, fiction, adventure novel, children's literature, puzzle book, fable, fairy tale, folklore, fantasy, historical fiction, medical novel, mystery fiction, philosophical novel, poetry, political fiction, romance novel (including historical romance), family saga, recipe/cook book, family history, satire, science fiction , thriller (including conspiracy fiction, legal thriller, psychological thriller, spy fiction/political thriller) and tragedy.


*The option of a traditional publishing route (i.e. a distribution channel based around a system of supplying books to retailers on a sale or return basis, may or may not be available and able to be provided by the publisher at any given time. Any such traditional style service is only provided by the publisher at their discretion to approrpriate and relevant titles.)